Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Modern Muslims? Identities, Tradition and Change

Symposium: Modern Muslims? Identities, Tradition and Change

Venue: Rathbone Lecture Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, off Myrtle Street, Liverpool

9 June 2010 1-5 pm

Online info from the University of Liverpool (suggest you check with organisers for details).

Sessions to include

Ron Geaves: Negotiating Foreign Policy: An Historical Analysis of Loyalties, Identities, and Citizenship Models Amongst British Muslims

Phillip Lewis: Hamlet Without the Prince - Whatever
Happened to the 'ulama in the Study of Muslims in Britain?

Seán Mcloughlin: Towards a Cosmopolitan Islamism? Generation, Culture, Class and UK Reformism in Transition

Also plenary discussions.

I received this info at short notice - it sounds like a good event.