Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Darul Uloom Chislehurst

Edna Fernandez, Daily Mail, Inside the Muslim Eton: 20 hour days starting at 3.45am with the aim of producing Muslim elite of leaders, 20 June 2010

"Deobandi Islam had spread and, in some cases, fused with a new violent political ideology. It is a long way from the wind-swept wilds of Peshawar to leafy Chislehurst

"But inside the Kent-based school, the religious ideology remains, even if the rhetoric is moderate by comparison.

"I had come to spend the day at the Eton of Islam. Why the comparison?

"Because Darul Uloom is about creating an Islamic elite who will rule the Muslim world. It is about offering a classical education and its very name inspires awe among the Muslim community."

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