Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Reading List: The Dragon and the Crescent

Grahame Davies, The Dragon and the Crescent (Seren, £12.99) "In the early twenty-first century, the relationship between the West and Islam has, due to recent political events, become the subject of intense study, curiosity and tension.

"But to understand contemporary anxieties, we need to trace their historical roots. The Dragon and the Crescent does this for one small European nation, revealing for the first time, the full and surprising story of the Welsh relationship with Islam."

More info from Seren books

I've yet to read this, but it sounds interesting.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Islamic Psychology Conference


27 Jul 2011 - London
28 Jul 2011 - Manchester

"This conference aims to explore and debate the critical perspectives, themes and concepts that underpin 'Muslim Psychology' in theory and therapeutic practice; and how these might relate to 'mainstream' psychological and mental health services in the UK."