Saturday, 30 March 2013

Syria: 'up to 100' British Muslims fighting in war

Syria: 'up to 100' British Muslims fighting in war - Telegraph "Up to 100 British Muslims are fighting in Syria’s civil war amid fears some could return home to carry out terrorist attacks, senior intelligence chiefs disclosed yesterday."

Muslim education in Britain: Learning to live together, or separately

Muslim education in Britain: Learning to live together, or separately | The Economist: "This week the Bradford Council for Mosques, representing 80 or so places of Muslim worship, published a report about the city's madrassas; its co-sponsors included the West Yorkshire Police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a respected NGO. Although the language is cautious and euphemistic, it gives a sense of the distinctive social reality in which many Muslim children in England grow up. It opens by predicting that the number of Bradford children attending part-time religious schools "will increase considerably over the coming years" on present demographic trends."

The report (pdf) is here: Bradford Council of Mosques, Children Do Matter... (Bradford Council of Mosques, 2013). Haven't read the report yet.

British Muslims start winning the war on terrorism hyperbole

British Muslims start winning the war on terrorism hyperbole - The National, 29 Mar 2013: "Some observers suggest a growing sophistication - by British authorities, in particular - in the handling of stories of Islamic radicalism."

Marriage Becomes Problem for UK Muslims

Marriage Becomes Problem for UK Muslims - Europe - News - "Marriage has become a troubling problem for many Muslims in Britain as parents are finding difficulty in finding suitable partners for their children, forcing many to postpone it to older age."

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Abu Qatada

NY Times, Islamic Preacher Wins Battle Against Deportation from Britain, 27 Mar 2013 "A militant Islamic preacher wanted in Jordan on terrorism charges won the latest of many legal battles to remain in Britain on Wednesday when senior appeal judges upheld an earlier ruling that his human rights would be violated if he was sent to Jordan for trial. "

Monday, 18 March 2013

Court case

Guardian, Muslim convert from BBC documentary pleads guilty to terrorism charges, "Richard Dart, 29, admitted plotting a terror attack in Royal Wootton Bassett after receiving training at camps in Pakistan."

Also see Brendan Hughes, WalesOnline, Court hears of Cardiff family's extensive links with terrorism, Mar 15 2013 "Jahangir Alom, who admitted getting involved in terrorism, is the husband of Cardiff woman Ruksana Begum, whose brothers plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

 "Begum was jailed in December for a year at the Old Bailey for having al Qaida terrorist material in her mobile phone."

Thursday, 14 March 2013

'Britain, Islam and the Generational Struggle'

Matthew Goodwin, Britain, Islam and the Generational Struggle, 11 Mar 2013 " Policy makers will also need to work hard to ensure that levels of contact between different ethnic and religious groups (which is important in curbing prejudice) remain strong and robust. And given that these attitudes are most likely among those in society who have benefitted from higher education, ensuring access to both education and labour markets will remain a priority."

Goodwin is Associate Professor in Politics at the University of Nottingham, and an Associate Fellow at Chatham House.

More information/data on his project is here: Chatham House, The Roots of Extremism: The English Defence League and the Counter-Jihad Challenge

Lord Ahmed

PA/Independent, 'Jewish conspiracy' Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended, 14 Mar 2013 "Labour today suspended one of its peers as it launched an investigation into allegations that he blamed a Jewish conspiracy for his imprisonment for dangerous driving."

'Conflict in Syria creates wave of British jihadists'

Independent, Conflict in Syria creates wave of British jihadists, 14 Mar 2013 "Syria has replaced Pakistan and Somalia as the preferred front line where Islamist volunteers can experience immediate combat with relatively little official scrutiny, security agencies said."

Samira Ahmed documentary: "The Story of 'I Dressed Ziggy Stardust'"

I have been looking for an excuse to put David Bowie into my research posts (given he has a great new album out). This fits: Samira Ahmed, BBC Blogs, The Story of 'I Dressed Ziggy Stardust'. "This is a story about heroes and how they change us. As a little girl I grew up in the 70s & early 80s south London suburbia terrified and fascinated by David Bowie." The R4 programme is broadcast this coming Saturday.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'Muslim Women Prime Victims of UK Hatred'

OnIslam, Muslim Women Prime Victims of UK Hatred "A Muslim helpline has found that women are taking the full brunt of anti-Muslim discrimination and racial hatred in Britain, criticizing the police for failing to provide a helping hand to victims." Also see Faith Matters: MAMA