Tuesday, 26 November 2013

'A Road Trip to War'

Recommended listening: BBC World Service, A Road Trip to War "Catrin Nye follows the British Muslims risking their lives to deliver medical supplies, blankets and dried food to the thousands of people affected by the on-going civil war in Syria. The group travel overland through France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and finally to the Turkey-Syria border where they cross into Syria. They deliver aid by hand and dodge snipers to administer medical treatment in hospitals." Available to download/listen.

British Kataa’ib

Daily Mail, The British Muslims waging 'five-star jihad' for Al Qaeda: At least 17 extremists post messages about experiences in war-torn Syria "The group is called the British Kataa’ib, meaning British Brigades.

"As well as operating social media accounts that detail their activities, some of the group also operate blogs and even participate in question-and-answer sessions with supporters, often urging others to join them ‘while the path is clear’."

'British Muslims Decry Police Apathy'

OnIslam.net, British Muslims Decry Police Apathy "As British Muslims continue to fall victims of recurrent online hate messages, the police are failing to investigate these attacks, leading to increase of racial attacks against the religious minority."

Friday, 22 November 2013

Up to 20 Britons 'killed fighting in Syria'

Telegraph, Up to 20 Britons 'killed fighting in Syria', 21 Nov 2013 "Security sources believe number of Britons to have died fighting with al Qaeda linked rebels is well in to double figures, amid concern over conflict's attraction for would-be jihadists."

Monday, 18 November 2013

'Meet the Somalis'

opensocietyfoundations.org, Meet the Somalis: The illustrated stories of Somalis in seven cities in Europe 

I have yet to read this, but it looks like an innovative way to present a narrative (with shades of Joe Sacco)


'Forced weddings'

irinnews.org, Girls still sent to Kashmir for forced weddings "[Other] ... women have made dramatic escapes, using the internet to seek help from the British High Commission or hiding spoons in their underwear to set off airport metal detectors, giving them an opportunity to speak to authorities."

Lewthwaite Profile

Amelia Gentleman, Yahoo Australia, The Hunt For The White Widow "She was once a middle-class girl, from a sleepy English town, but, since the devastating Nairobis attacks, Samanatha Lewthwaite has become an international fugitive. Amelia Gentleman looks at the mystery and mythology of the "White Widow"."

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

'New Labour and the Re-making of British Islam: The Case of the Radical Middle Way and the “Reclamation” of the Classical Islamic Tradition'

Stephen H. Jones, New Labour and the Re-making of British Islam: The Case of the Radical Middle Way and the “Reclamation” of the Classical Islamic Tradition, Religions, Volume 4, Issue 4 have yet to read this " This article examines the emergence of new forms of Islam in Britain between the 1990s and the present, and in particular the role played by the New Labour government (1997–2010) in encouraging new expressions of Islam. It charts the development of the Islamic tradition in Britain between the migration of mainly South Asian Muslims in the 1950s and 1960s and the Rushdie affair in the late 1980s, before outlining some of the challenges Muslims in Britain have faced transmitting Islamic traditions in a stable state to younger generations. Against the backdrop of increasing public concern about an inter-generational divide among Muslims and its supposed role in allowing radicalism to flourish, the article explores recent attempts to develop and promote forms of Islam that are “authentically British” and that challenge radical perspectives. Using the case study of the Radical Middle Way initiative, it looks into the uneasy relationship between these newer forms of Islam and the supportive New Labour administration, highlighting weaknesses in literature that focuses on the ‘disciplining’ of Muslims. Finally, it explains how the concept of classical Islamic tradition is utilised in creative ways not anticipated or engaged with by advocates of the “clash of civilisations” thesis."

Monday, 4 November 2013

Burqa Escapee

Reuters, Government says to 'learn lessons' after male terror suspect escapes in burqa "A Somali-born man who escaped from special police surveillance by disguising himself in a burqa has exposed shortcomings in the way Britain handles some terrorism suspects, prompting an embarrassed government to announce a review."

Also see

Independent, Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed on the run after changing into burka on London mosque visit and Telegraph, Terror suspect who escaped in burka had alleged electronic tag tampering court case dropped

Do British Muslims confront extremism?

BBC, Do British Muslims confront extremism? "The wearing of the veil, along with attitudes to women, the radicalisation of some young British Muslims, sexual exploitation and grooming cases, forced marriages, and honour-based violence raise questions for Muslims in Britain today.

"Giles Dilnot reports on how British Muslim communities confront these issues, days after the World Islamic Economic Forum was hosted for the first time in London."