Thursday, 29 January 2015

Diary of a Badman

BBC, Trying to prevent radicalisation with humour "In an unlikely partnership, counter-terrorism police have teamed up with a Muslim comedian in an attempt to prevent British teenagers being radicalised by extremists."

Monday, 19 January 2015

PM Cameron defends letter to mosques

BBC News, PM Cameron defends letter to mosques "David Cameron has defended a letter urging senior Muslims to explain how Islam "can be part of British identity", amid criticism from leaders."

Monday, 12 January 2015

Far too many Western Muslims speak of freedom as a sin

Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Independent, Far too many Western Muslims speak of freedom as a sin, 11 Jan 2015

The Battle for British Islam

The Battle for British Islam, Panorama - BBC One

This is on tonight. Let's hope they get the balance right:

"As France tries to come to terms with the deaths of the 12
people murdered in the Islamist attack at the office of Charlie Hebdo
magazine in Paris, Panorama investigates the battle for the hearts and
minds of British
Muslims. John Ware hears from Muslims facing an angry backlash for
trying to promote a form of Islam which is in synch with British values.
They believe that the way Islam has been practised here has more in
common with extremist ideologies than some police officers, politicians
or Muslim leaders have been prepared to admit."


Independent, Twitter responds to Fox News’ Muslim Birmingham claims in the most British way possible "Talk about poking a tiger. Steve Emerson, a so-called ‘terrorism expert’, got slightly more publicity than he intended after claiming on Fox News that Birmingham was “totally Muslim” and a “no-go zone” for non-Muslims."

Also see the wonderful responses in:

Huffington Post, Fox News Commentator Just Claimed Birmingham Is A Muslim-Only City #FoxNewsFacts

Express, Fox News terror expert forced to apologise after claiming Birmingham is 'totally Muslim'  

Guardian,  Fox News expert ridiculed over Birmingham is ‘totally Muslim city' claims