Friday, 15 April 2016

'Citizen Khan'

BBC News, BBC sitcom Citizen Khan 'Islamophobic', says MP, 14 Apr 2016 "A BBC sitcom has been criticised as "Islamophobic" during a Commons debate about whether the BBC's programmes and staff reflect UK diversity."

Counter-terrorism drive

Guardian, Counter-terrorism drive for public to report online Isis propaganda, 15 Apr 2016 "British counter-terrorism officials are launching a campaign to try to drive back Islamic State’s efforts to use the internet to foster extremism. Isis has turned the internet into a frontline of its jihad, using it to spread propaganda to gain recruits and embolden its supporters. However, 300 items a day are being taken down by a special police unit."

Thursday, 14 April 2016

#towerlives - focus on Butetown

BBC Wales, #towerlives: Butetown's festival of storytelling - links through to several interesting videos, interviews and discussions relating to Butetown. Also see #TowerLives on Twitter "#towerlives is a week-long festival of storytelling and music, on air and on the ground, around the council estate tower blocks of Butetown in Cardiff." also see the photos here Recommended!!

'Drama in the age of Prevent'

Guardian, Drama in the age of Prevent: why can't we move beyond Good Muslim v Bad Muslim?

'What British Muslims really think about Channel 4's show'

Guardian, What British Muslims really think about Channel 4's show, 14 Apr 2016 "We asked British Muslims to review Channel 4’s show: What British Muslims Really Think. Here’s what they said." Some excellent comments here. They should be read by anyone planning to research/write about Muslims in the UK.