Thursday, 26 March 2009

Google Street View: mosques (Manchester)

I've chosen a few from Manchester today. Clearly, it would be possible - given time and endurance - to build up a complete picture. I may well assemble these pictures onto the main website in due course. It can take time to locate mosques, using postcodes and cross-referencing, given that the results are often not immediate. There are some mosques which have good pix on flickr, but are obscured in Street View. I have ended up on several detours, but presumably this situation will improve in due course, unless someone pulls the plug. I'm keeping an archive copy of the snapshots as well. It helps to have a fast connection ...

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View Larger Map Central Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre‎

View Larger Map Dar-ul-Uloom Islamia

View Larger Map Zakariya Mosque‎