Friday, 27 March 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury interview

Telegraph, Archbishop of Canterbury praises Britain's Muslims, 27 Mar 09 "Dr Rowan Williams said that Islamic people had helped promote the discussion of faith in a society that had become "rather unfriendly" for religious people.

"His comments to a Muslim newspaper come a year after he faced calls to resign after saying it was inevitable that Sharia law would be introduced into Britain."

Here's the interview:

Muslim News, Interview: Archbishop welcomes Muslims raising profile of religion in society, 27 Mar 09 "The Archbishop of Canterbury has praised Muslims for raising the profile of religion and ethical challenges in society. “I think Islam has made a very significant contribution to getting a debate about religion into public life,” Dr Rowan Williams said. “And I think it’s very right that we should have these debates and discussions between Muslims and Christians and others in public,” he said."