Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Report: Mosques in Britain

Andrew Brown, Guardian, Islam in Britain: not very C of E, 23 Feb 09

"A report out today laments the high numbers of foreign-trained leaders of UK mosques. But is making imams more like vicars the solution?

"The Quilliam Foundation is an interesting body because it hopes to achieve a more Muslim Britain as much as any of the Islamist parties it criticises; but it means to get there by fair means rather than foul. The headline that comes out of its latest report (pdf) is that almost all the imams in British mosques are foreign."

Quilliam Foundation. Report. Anya Hart Dyke, Mosques Made in Britain [click on link on their front page to download the pdf]

This is another report to add to my reading list. I look forward to taking a closer look. The Quilliam Foundation also links to related other pieces by Ed Husain.