Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Islam in Britain: Salam

Islam in Britain

I'm starting a new blog. Essentially it's a series of feeds and links to information relating to Islam and Muslims in Britain. It's part of virtuallyislamic.com. I've had a long-term interest in this subject. Unfortunately, I won't be able to engage in dialogue on these stories, for reasons of time. Earlier feeds in the Virtually Islamic blog on related areas can be found here.

Some of the content of this blog links into the MA Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter - specifically the Islam Today module. Details: www.islamic-studies.net. The module page also contains resources on Islam in Britain. Also see Islamic Studies Pathways.

I am working on a new book in this area. I have a related chapter coming out sometime in '09 in Postcolonial Media Culture, Rinella Cere & Ros Brunt (editors), (Palgrave, 2009). Details to follow when I get them.