Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Disaster - Update

Imams Online, London’s Muslim Community Provides Aid to Grenfell Tower Victims "Some of the first community responders to come to the aid of the victims and provide support, shelter and food for those that had been left stranded and homeless by this tragedy were faith communities from across West London. Alongside churches and temples, Mosques and the Muslim community rallied to provide support in any way they could." Also see @Muslim_Aid and general coverage from BBC News, Twelve dead after huge tower block fire

'Lucy Sherriff, Twitter, Young Muslim boys were banging on our doors to wake everyone up.' - Locals praise Muslim community following #GrenfellTower #GrenfellFire

Yahoo News, Grenfell Tower fire: Muslims who were still awake because of Ramadan saved residents’ lives  

BBC, The man who filmed the events of the Grenfell fire