Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Quilliam Foundation report

Quilliam Foundation, New Quilliam report published, 27 Sep 2010 press release. " ... Quilliam publicly launched its latest report, Cheering for Osama, a major new study of Arabic-language jihadist websites. The report is based on an 18-month study of around twenty Arabic-language pro-jihadist web forums. Among these are prominent sites such as ‘al-Faluja’, ‘al-Hisba’ and ‘Medad al-Suyuf’, all of which are regularly used by al-Qaeda, its affiliate groups and their supporters to distribute pro-jihadist statements, propaganda videos and ideological tracts."

Links to:

Mohammed Ali Musawi, Cheering for Osama: How jihadists use internet discussion forums, Quilliam Foundation, 2010 [pdf]

I haven't read this report yet.