Wednesday, 7 October 2009

"Secular UK benefits Islam", Secular UK benefits Islam, says Cambridge report, 7 Oct 09

"A new report on what it means to be a Muslim in Britain says that a secular British state allows Islam to be practised freely in an atmosphere of respect, security and dignity.

"The report exploring the philosophical and theological perspectives of the issue is titled 'Contextualising Islam in Britain: Exploratory Perspectives', and is the outcome of a nine-month project hosted by the University of Cambridge. A total of 26 Muslim scholars, academics and activists representing a diverse spectrum of views from Muslim communities in the UK took part in discussions about what it means to live as a Muslim in modern Britain."

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University of Cambridge, Contextualising Islam In Britain report released, 6 Oct 09

"The report's contents are the ideas of a small group and they need to be refined by a wider number of participants," Project Leader, Professor Yasir Suleiman, Director of the Centre of Islamic Studies at Cambridge, said.

"The process has already succeeded in bringing together Muslims from a wide range of backgrounds who, in spite of those different backgrounds, have been prepared to work together. What we want to do now is stimulate further dialogue with a wider group of Muslim leaders and communities."

The report is here (haven't read this yet!)

University of Cambridge, 'Contextualising Islam in Britain: Exploratory Perspectives', [PDF]