Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sentences on bomb plotters

AP, 4 UK Muslims get hefty sentences for airline plot, 14 Sep 09 "The judge described the foiled suicide bombings — meant to rival the Sept. 11 attacks — as "a grave and wicked" conspiracy, likely the most serious terrorist case ever dealt with by a British court. The plot's disclosure prompted an immediate ban on taking some liquids onboard passenger jets, a measure that remains in place, inconveniencing passengers throughout the world."

NYT, Life Terms for Plot to Bomb Trans-Atlantic Flights From London, 14 Sep 09 "A High Court judge on Monday imposed minimum prison terms of 32 to 40 years on three men convicted last week, after two trials, of plotting to smuggle liquid explosives onto at least seven trans-Atlantic airliners heading to the United States and Canada from London, with the aim of blowing the aircraft apart in midair."