Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Journal issue: 'Anti-Muslim Prejudice in the West, Past and Present'

Patterns of Prejudice, Volume 43 Issue 3 & 4 2009: Anti-Muslim Prejudice in the West, Past and Present

Several useful looking articles in this journal, which relate directly to this blog.

i.e. Maleiha Malik, Anti-Muslim prejudice in the West, past and present: an introduction

Nabil Matar, Britons and Muslims in the early modern period: from prejudice to (a theory of) toleration

Nasar Meer; Tariq Modood, Refutations of racism in the ‘Muslim question’

John E. Richardson, ‘Get shot of the lot of them’: election reporting of Muslims in British newspapers

Erik Bleich, Where do Muslims stand on ethno-racial hierarchies in Britain and France? Evidence from public opinion surveys, 1988–2008

Worth investigating further - haven't got a copy yet ...