Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Welsh youngsters learn to rethink racism

Guardian, Welsh youngsters learn to rethink racism, 27 May 2014 "The white men on the screen are shouting, fists jabbing the air. "Allah, Allah, who the **** is Allah?" and "If you all hate Pakis, clap your hands". The young people watching are silent, serious. "It's embarrassing," they say afterwards. "They are making us all look bad."

The men in the film are from the Welsh Defence League – a spin-off of the far-right English Defence League – and the teenagers watching them are taking part in the Think Project, a three-day course aimed at stopping young white people in south Wales from getting involved in far-right extremism."

I've edited the quote. It's an interesting project. Details are here:

Think Project 

The download of their report is here