Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Qur'an on billboards

Muslim Community Board UK on Facebook report that "Following numerous requests for the English translation of The Quran from non muslims who have seen the Billboards at the Major London Railway Stations and 5 Shahadas at Victoria Station on Saturday, Network Rail and Chiltern Railways have ordered our billboards to be removed on the grounds of no religious advertising on their premises despite allowing other faith groups to carry out similar campaigns. Its a move which can only be seen as discriminatory.

"It appears that the English Translation of The Quran is a book too controversial for them to allow to be advertised on their premises.
However, we know that "...And God is the best of planners." [Quran 8:30]

"By removing the billboards this has actually created a massive movement on social media in support of the billboard campaign and bought more attention on The Quran itself, which can only be a good thing God willing!"