Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New and noted: Islam in the West book

New and noted: Islam in the West: Key Issues in Multiculturalism, Edited by Max Farrar, Simon Robinson, Yasmin Valli and Paul Wetherly : Palgrave Macmillan "In recent years the debate on multiculturalism in the UK and other western societies has focused principally on Islam, and the specific 'problems' said to be posed by Muslims have been invoked to justify the claim that multiculturalism has failed. That claim is opened to scrutiny and challenged in this unique collection through a series of explorations of specific issues and controversies – including the question of the veil, crime, political Islam, the role of Muslim women, sexuality, and the Danish cartoons affair – and through more general reflections on the nature of multiculturalism. By exploring the nature of cultural differences and sensitivities and examining the way conflicts have played out, this challenging book makes a wide-ranging contribution to debate and a more constructive inter-cultural engagement. The contributors draw upon the disciplines of social science, ethics, theology, philosophy and education to examine the nature of the issues and flashpoints and to draw out implications for theory, policy and practice."