Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Derby tomato

Chris Mallet,, Tomato that fell out of sandwich had message from God, says Muslim, 1 Jan 2011 Found by Salman Gul in Derby:

"The imam, Rafi Din Shah said the message had come as a surprise.

"He said: "It's no coincidence – it's a sign from God. Muhammad said 'I will leave this world but there will be signs that come to show I am the true messenger of God, that will confirm my prophet-hood. This is one of those signs."

"Mr Shah said he had been teaching Arabic for two years, having got a masters in the subject at university.

"He said: 'I have never seen anything like this before, although you do read about and see these things on the internet. I think you'll find this will be a major boost for the whole Muslim community in Derby. To hear and see that something like this has happened in Derby will really cheer people up.'"