Monday, 11 October 2010

'How fair is Britain?' report published

Randeep Ramesh, Guardian, 'How Fair is Britain' report shows that for UK, race is still the issue, 11 Oct 2010 "The commission's first three-year review, How Fair is Britain, shows that while some inequalities remain entrenched, new challenges are emerging as the country's population becomes older and more ethnically and religiously diverse.

"The study identifies "five great gateways" to opportunity – revolving around well-being, education, work, security and voice in society – where millions could benefit if barriers are lifted. These should become the basis to assess "fairness" in public policy, the commission says."

Further information: Equality and Human Rights Commission, How fair is Britain? includes download [in various sections, as PDF], summaries, video, etc.

I haven't read this yet (700 pages!).