Friday, 7 May 2010

'Four Lions'

Times Online, Four Lions, 7 May 2010 "There is something daring and refreshing about a film that tickles the jihadists in the ribs until fundamentalism becomes farce." Four stars (out of five) from The Times.

Two stars (out of five) from the Independent: Anthony Quinn, Four Lions, 7 May 2010 "Morris wants us to provoke us into thinking more deeply about issues of race and belief and national security. It is an honourable aim. But it still left me wishing he'd provoked us into laughter."

Three stars (out of five) from The Sun: Alex Zane, Brass eye on terrorism, 7 May 2010 "Not as funny or as controversial as many would have expected, but there are still many moments of Chris Morris genius here that will have you thinking about it for a long time after the credits end."

Also see Daily Mail, Fury of 7/7 relatives at suicide bomber comedy Four Lions, 6 May 2010 "Relatives of those killed in the July 7th bombings have reacted with fury to a new comedy about bungling would-be suicide bombers.

"Four Lions, the directorial debut of Brass Eye satirist Chris Morris, sees four Muslims from Yorkshire travel south in an attempt to kill thousands at the London Marathon."

I have yet to see this - I'm obviously curious about it, so will check my local multiplex.