Thursday, 18 March 2010

'Sisters' play

Michael Billington, Guardian, Theatre Review: Sisters, Crucible Studio, Sheffield, 16 Mar 2010 "What I like about the play is that it scuppers windy generalisations and opens our eyes to the multifariousness of Muslim experience." Great review, I hope this play tours a bit closer to home for me.

The Telegraph also liked it: Dominic Cavendish, Telegraph, Sisters at the Sheffield Crucible Studio, review, 17 Mar 2010 "Truth be told, there’s such a diversity of opinion crammed into this richly absorbing show, and a refusal to collect the material into a neat unified position, that the best response is to soak it all up, insights, inconsistencies, grievances and all. The dominant mood of the evening, directed by Ruth Carney, is one of festive and gossipy conviviality. The cast of five, including Street herself, often address the audience directly and roam about with plates of tasty pakoras as well as jam tarts, while Paul Wills’ design, with its suspended mass of framed photographs, draws us into the bustling, cosy home of one Sheffield family, “the Khans”. There is fun, there is much laughter and there are more than a few shades of the BBC comedy The Kumars at No 42."

Here's the website for Sheffield Theatres, Sisters