Monday, 8 February 2010

'Generation Jihad' on BBC

Preview: Guardian, Generation Jihad, 8 Feb 2010 "In this three-part series, Peter Taylor examines the threat still posed by a tiny minority of radicalised young men seduced by fundamentalist Islam. Tonight, he interviews two such men, both recently released from jail, as well as examining the case of Hammad Munshi, who at 18 was Britain's youngest convicted terrorist. Glib explanations like poverty or poor education don't explain the Munshis of this world – the aggrieved young men, mesmerised by the medievalist, anti-modernist rhetoric they are exposed to via the web, are generally well educated. Plenty of sane Muslim voices offer perspective."

Programme page: BBC,Generation Jihad "In the first episode, Peter hears from those convicted under Britain's newest anti-terror laws and investigates how some of the most notorious terrorists came to be radicalised. He finds a generation that has shed the moderate Islam their parents brought to this country, and instead have adopted a faith that they believe compels them to stand apart from Britain and its values."

Also see Peter Taylor, BBC, Young British Muslim ex-prisoners unrepentant on views, 8 Feb 2010