Thursday, 30 October 2014

Grayson Perry and The Ashford Hijab: White, Female & Muslim, Grayson Perry and The Ashford Hijab: White, Female & Muslim "Grayson Perry’s new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery also presents a White British female convert to Islam. Who are you? depicts 14 modern day Britons and their complex identities. Kayleigh Khosravi, the subject of a silk screenprint with the title The Ashford Hijab, spent time with Grayson Perry in order for him to better understand her identity as a White Muslim convert." Also see the Channel4 Press Release

Poppy-print hijab

Independent, Poppy-print hijab launched for British Muslims to commemorate Remembrance Day

Condemnation of ISIS

RT, 'Violent and terrible’: UK Muslim leaders condemn ISIS "Leaders of Portsmouth’s Muslim community have condemned the Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL) as a “violent and terrible regime” in an attempt to stop more young people travelling to join the fight in Syria."

Portsmouth Recruits

BBC News, Portsmouth men killed in Syria were 'radicalised online', 26 Oct 2014 "A faith equality leader in Portsmouth has blamed social media and the internet for "radicalising" young men fighting in Syria for Islamic State."

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

London raid update

Daily Mail, First picture of medical student dubbed The Surgeon who tweeted 'Oi lads I smell a war' hours before his was arrested as suspect in Jihadi terror raid "This is the trainee doctor dubbed 'The Surgeon' who tweeted: 'Oi lads... I smell war' shortly before he was arrested on suspicion of planning an Islamic State-linked murder plot on streets of Britain."

The Sun's campaign

The Sun, United against I.S. " THE Sun today calls on Britons of all faiths to unite to defeat IS fanatics — hours after an alleged plot by the terror group’s first UK cell was foiled by the security forces. " also see Nesrine Malik, The Guardian, The Sun’s ‘Unite against Isis’ campaign is a proxy for anti-Muslim bigotry I bought a copy (for academic purposes) - haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Everyday Muslim

Everyday Muslim "Everyday Muslim is a five-year project to create a central archive of Muslim lives, arts, education and cultures from across the UK.

"We will collect and document the presence of Muslims in Britain through images, interviews and documents. The aim is to build a comprehensive and unique portrayal of Muslim life that allows the community to take ownership of their history and heritage. The archive will be stored at Bishopsgate Institute in London but will also be accessible through our website."

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


#MakingAStand Launch: British Muslim Women Unite Against ISIS