Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bradford litter campaign binned

OnIslam, UK Council Axes Anti-litter Muslim Campaign, 23 Nov 2011 "A British local council has axed plans to distribute thousands of leaflets that invoke the name of Allah to encourage Muslims not to drop litter for worries of offending the minority, the Yorkshire Post reported."

Muslims proud to be British - report

Guardian, Muslims Proud to be British? There's something to learn from the surprise, 23 Nov 2011. "The finding in Demos's report A Place for Pride that 83% of Muslims said they were proud to be a British citizen, compared with the national average of 79%, has been met with surprise in some parts of the press. Clearly many British citizens have both a strong religious identity and a strong national identity. Yet it also seems clear that many people see these identities as mutually exclusive. Why is this the case?"

Thursday, 17 November 2011


There's been a delay in posting, as I've been travelling. So I'm providing a re-cap of some recent events here:

Haj: Journey to the Heart of Islam, Journey to the heart of Islam under spotlight at Britain’s Haj exhibition, 13 Nov 2011 "The British Museum in London is to mount the first major exhibition dedicated to the Haj.

"“Haj: Journey to the Heart of Islam” will open Jan. 26 and run until April 15, 2012. Venetia Porter, curator of the museum’s Islamic and Contemporary Middle East Department, said the exhibition would examine the significance of Haj as one of the five pillars of Islam, exploring its importance for Muslims and looking at how this spiritual journey has evolved throughout history."


Scotsman, Khushi’s legacy curries favour, 16 Nov 2011

'British Muslims: active players in UK counterterrorism efforts' op-ed

Azeem Ibrahim,, British Muslims: active players in UK counterterrorism efforts 16 Nov 2011 "Community-based counterterrorism, however, has a proven track record in preventing terrorist incidents, with the communities themselves being the first to condemn criminal activity in their desire for peace." op-ed

"Concern grows in U.K., U.S. over Somali-based militants"

Reuters, Concern grows in U.K., U.S. over Somali-based militants, 16 Nov 2011 "In late October, two 18-year-old men from the Welsh city of Cardiff were arrested on Kenya's border with war-torn Somalia. The father of one of them told the BBC he believed his son had been "brainwashed" and was on his way to join an Islamic holy war."


Guardian, Lady Warsi: extremists forfeit their right to call themselves Muslim, 14 Nov 2011

'Muslims Against Crusades'

BBC News, Muslims Against Crusades banned by Theresa May, 10 Nov 2011 "The home secretary is banning Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), a group that planned an anti-Armistice Day protest."